December Survival Tips – how to stay healthy

December survival tips

  • Always wear sunscreen – best one to go for is the Nimue Sun – C SPF
  • Stay hydrated – drink at least 3l water per day
  • Plan ahead – plan what you are going to eat the next day especially when you are on the beach or doing a lot of driving etc.
  • Do not skip ANY meal
  • Keep active – go swimming, jogging, walking, beach volleyball, hiking, biking etc. just as long as you do something. Try and do a short 20min work out every day or every second day…example:

20 lunges

20 push ups

20 burpees

30 abs

Do the 4 exercises directly after each other and repeat the 3 times…be creative and add any other exercise.


Healthy eating on holiday:

    • Only eat what you truly want – don’t eat just because it’s in front of you
    • Do not skip breakfast – it kick-starts your metabolism for the day
    • Pace yourself – small amounts of food at each meal, don’t overindulge!
    • Indulge in summer fruit – example. Have a fruit platter at the braai
    • Have your cake! – don’t deprive yourself completely, have the cake, but not the whole slice!
    • Watch the alcohol – its empty calories and high in calories for example 1 glass of wine has the same calories as a slice of toast with peanut butter on
    • Buy convenience foods to take to the beach or wherever you are. Example is already made salads/fruit salads/protein meals etc. check for ideas
    • Snack on raw nuts, biltong and fruit


  • Supplementation
  • Keep on drinking all your vitamins, fat burners and CLA
  • A convenient product to take with you every day is the USN Protein Fuel 25. Its an already made protein milkshake. So convenient on the beach. It makes sure you do not skip a meal when you are out and about!


I would like to thank you all for supporting me this year. I hope that you learned a lot about fitness and may you continue to stay focused and craving better results.

May you have a blessed Christmas and happy new year and looking forward to starting the new year with you all.

PS 28:7 The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.